We are thrilled to announce that Sovereign Wallet Network (SWN), a blockchain company that has jointly developed the world’s first identity-based blockchain, “MetaMUI Blockchain,” with the University of Southern California, has established CO2 Network LLC, a joint venture in Hawaii, the U.S.

CO2 Network is a company that develops and…

Dear MetaMUI community,

We are delighted to announce that MMUI will be listed on AAX exchange next Monday with MMUI/USDT trading pair.

Listing Time:
Time of opening deposit: 12:00 (UTC+8) on Nov 22, 2021
Time of opening withdrawal: 17:00 (UTC+8) on Nov 23, 2021
Time of opening trading: 17:00 (UTC+8) on Nov 22…

Spearheading Digital Innovation and Cross-Border Payments (The Arab CBDC Conference)

We are thrilled and super excited to announce that Sovereign Wallet Network (MetaMUI) is a proud supporter of OMFIF’s
“Spearheading Digital Innovation and Cross-Border Payments: The Arab CBDC Conference” on Thu. 7 Oct 2021
07:00–12:00 (New York)
12:00–17:00 (London)
15:00–20:00 (Dubai)
19:00–00:00 (Singapore)

Please register here:

OMFIF’s Digital Monetary…

OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum 2021

We are proud to announce that Sovereign Wallet Network is the official partner of Buniness and Finance at the OECD for the 2021 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum.

reserve your seat on:

This Year’s edition is “The 4th edition of the annual OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum” delves into…

Dear MetaMUI community,

We are glad to announce that MMUI will be listed on Bitforex exchange this coming Thursday with two trading pairs, MMUI/USDT and MMUI/ETH.

Listing Time:

  • MMUI deposit will open on 2021/09/15 17:00 (GMT+8)
  • MMUI/USDT, MMUI/ETH trading will open on 2021/09/16 17:00 (GMT+8)
  • MMUI withdrawal will open on 2021/09/16 17:00 (GMT+8)

Currently, we are focusing on introducing our CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and SSID (Self-Sovereign Identity) solutions to nations and central banks throughout the world.
We are also preparing our business related to NFTs and Asset Tokenization.

Please stay tuned for more news and updates.
Every public announcement will be announced through our SNS channels.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MUIcommunity
Telegram: https://t.me/SovereignWallet_Official (Official Channel)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SovereignWallet

We always appreciate your support and interest in our project.
Thank you.

MetaMUI — The world’s first identity-based blockchain

Sovereign Wallet Network (SWN) seeks to address the un-federated nature of digital currencies while also solving the scalability trilemma of the blockchain industry. MetaMUI is the 1st Identity-based blockchain to truly enable regulated, identity-based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions, it can be used as the cornerstone for most financial offerings, with its…

We are currently witnessing various products becoming NFTs in various fields. Everyone in crypto space says that NFTs will be “Something” in the future digital, especially in the era of Metaverse.
Our CEO, Phantom Seokku Yun, agrees on this, but there are a few things that need to be defined before…


We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC & Digital Asset Wallet, Metablock Exchange, and Identity-Based next-gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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