Article: MetaMUI uses digital identity to invent a fast, scalable blockchain

Dominic Hobson, the Co-Founder of Future of Finance (FOF), one of the futuristic financial think-tanks with a great source of knowledge to lead the future digital economic infrastructures, showcases how MetaMUI Blockchain’s unique features fundamentally differ from existing blockchains and how it can solve the CBDC design issues.

MetaMUI uses digital identity to invent a fast, scalable blockchain

‘The ‘trilemma’ has become a fixed objection to the adoption of blockchain technology. According to it, a blockchain-based system cannot be decentralised, private and scalable at the same time. Instead, insists the trilemma, trade-offs must be made. So when a blockchain protocol claims to have solved the trilemma, it is worth listening to. MetaMUI is an identity-based blockchain that dispenses with intermediaries, protects private information and is capable of settling millions of transactions per second. And to use it, nothing more elaborate than a smartphone is required. Which is why MetaMUI is attracting interest from issuers of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), security tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs). Its creators also think it holds the key to the Metaverse. Its secrets? Parallel transaction processing plus tying digital assets to digital identities.….”

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About MetaMUI

MetaMUI is the world’s 1st Identity-based blockchain to truly enable regulated Peer_to_Peer (P2P) transactions. It can be used as the cornerstone for most financial offerings. Its high versatility and support for custom-developed use cases enable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) implementation and issuance on the MetaMUI CBDC platform.
MetaMUI is built around Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) technology. MetaMUI has created a new identity-based CBDC system by combining the SSID and blockchain token mechanism. It can protect users’ privacy while providing an identity-based transfer system that can satisfy travel rules and other regulatory requirements such as Know your customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML), and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT).




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