Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the MetaMUI mainnet launch!

Dear MetaMUI Sovereigners!

Today marks the 1st anniversary of the launch of the MetaMUI mainnet.
The mainnet has been upgraded to version 3, and the token swap ended on December 31st. A total of 15,403,071.526791 ERC20 MUI tokens that are not final swapped will be burned from the total amount of MetaMUI issued. For the past six months, MetaMUI has conducted a CBDC pilot test in Micro Nation, Commonwealth of Australia, successfully provided SSID App support to the entire nation, and completed and distributed the e-Government system.

Following the government’s political agreement will make an important announcement to inform you through the international press on January 7th. This will be the world’s first pilot success case and fully Blockchain-based support of Self-sovereign Identity, and based on this, it will be a starting point for the large map that the MetaMUI platform will draw in the future.

The entire MetaMUI team is looking forward to sharing the thrilling time with the MetaMUI Sovereigners.Once again, thank you for your support, and Happy New Year!

MetaMUI Team

About MetaMUI
MetaMUI is the world’s 1st Identity-based blockchain to truly enable regulated Peer_to_Peer (P2P) transactions. It can be used as the cornerstone for most financial offerings, with its high versatility and support for custom-developed use cases that enable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) implementation and issuance easily on the MetaMUI CBDC platform.
MetaMUI is built around Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) technology. By combining the SSID and blockchain token mechanism, MetaMUI was able to create a new identity-based CBDC system that can protect user’s privacy while providing an identity-based transfer system that can satisfy travel rules and other regulatory requirements such as Know your customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT).





We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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