First MetaMUI(MMUI) Listing is coming Next Week!

2021 is truly shaping to be a monumental year for MetaMUI Blockchain. The year kicked off with the official mainnet launch of the MetaMUI blockchain. The launch happened on January 3rd, the same date as the anniversary of Bitcoin’s creation. The event was inaugurated by the project’s Founder & CEO, Seokgu “Phantom” Yun in a video recording Titled “Rewriting Satoshi Vision”. This landmark event was crucial in the direction of the MetaMUI project progress in 2021.

The next couple of weeks saw the Pre-IEO sale of the MMUI which was an effort to introduce our project and give a chance to more investors participating in MetaMUI community. The community support was amazing as all 3 rounds of the Pre-IEO sale were oversubscribed, and the required resources were promptly secured. And now, we intend to uphold promises made to the community, the first one being the listing of the MMUI on various exchanges.

In the coming days, we’ll be revealing more information as the build-up continues towards the first official exchange listing of MMUI. It will officially be announced by the exchange the day before listing on the exchange, and we will share the detailed listing schedule. When the listing eventually happens, traders and community members can trade their MMUI and those that missed out on all the rounds of the Pre-IEO sale, will have the opportunity to lay their hands on some MMUI.

A successful integration will make future integrations with other exchanges more expedient, as our engineers have been through the learning curve. This will greatly scale the future listing on other exchanges around the corners of the world.

What is MetaMUI(MMUI)?

MetaMUI(MMUI) is a native coin of MetaMUI Blockchain and serves as fuel for its ecosystem. To store and transfer MMUI, we’ve introduced the new MetaMUI Wallet application — which is a Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet designed as a close part of MetaMUI Blockchain.

The value of MMUI (digital sovereign currency) is controlled and maintained algorithmically by a special AI-based algorithmic engine called ACB (Algorithmic central bank). The MMUI is designed and developed to maintain and increase value over long periods of time.

For publishing a digital currency, the central bank node of the target currency is required to deposit assets to MUI central bank node. And these assets are collected and maintained by the MUI treasury. We refer to this as project funds. The project funds are used to buy MMUI from the market and increase its demand. Once the demand is high, the MUI ACB sells the coins at a higher value in the market and increases circulation. The circulation is capped at 1 billion coins to prevent cases of hyperinflation.

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