MetaMUI 7.0: New features implemented

Two new features were implemented on MetaMUI 7.0

MetaMUI mainnet 7.0 was successfully implemented on June 20th at 17:27:05 (UTC+8). New features were implemented and activated at the block height
9,213,361. Our blockchain enables a real-time upgrade without pausing or shutting down the network, so while the upgrade was taking place, there was no issue with depositing and withdrawing $MMUI to exchanges and sending transactions using the blockchain.

Here are new features listed below:

  1. Staking feature for node validators — Bank Nodes (Node Validators of MetaMUI) need to stake a certain amount of $MMUI to join the network as a node validator. In every block creation, a leader Bank Node will propose a new block, and other Bank Nodes will act as endorsers. If the leader node fails to produce a block proposal or has no block announcement within 5 seconds, the leader node’s locked bond will be slashed.

Our team is consistently upgrading our mainnet and implementing new features to our CBDC platform to become a real working CBDC blockchain platform. Please visit the links below if you want to hear our upcoming news.

Thank you.

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