MetaMUI and Sovereign Yidindji Government launched 1st Self-Sovereign Identity-based National ID system

1st Self-Sovereign Identity-based App “Yidindji SSID” for Yidindji’s National ID system

We are delighted to announce that our first E-Government pilot program with the Sovereign Yidindji Government has been successfully completed on Jan 7, 2022.

The Sovereign Yidindji government is a representative of Sovereign Yidindji which is a rainforest-based micronation with several clan groups in the area described as far north Queensland on the Australian continent and it has a combined population of more than 150,000 Australian citizens and Yidindji citizens. Academics and scientists claim the Yidindji people have been around for more than 60 thousand years, so it is one of the oldest living cultures on the planet. In 2014, history was made on September 20 as the official government of the Yidindji nation came into life with the launch of its coat of arms. Since then, the SYG, as it is known, has created several departments and its parliament continues to pass laws for the peace, order and good governance of the Yidindji territory. Currently, SYG has 17 ministers and 22 ministries and plans to be the first government to become fully digitized in its venture towards E-Governance and national ID system.

The purpose of this pilot program was to establish the world first fully blockchain-based E-Government. During the six-month pilot program, Sovereign Wallet Network(SWN) team has implemented the first self-sovereign identity-based national identity system to digitize all government services such as digital identity authentication, vaccination certificate, and digital administrative works.

We just finished our first step to open the gate for making governments become automated and fully compatible with each other country on top of MetaMUI Blockchain. MetaMUI Blockchain is the world’s first blockchain that every government and institution can issue their own digital currency while complying with all the financial legal conditions. MetaMUI Blockchain allows users to have their own Decentralized Identity(DID) and all the personal information of the users only stays inside the users’ device. Every ownership of the assets is bound to the identity of the user, not to the private key, therefore it can be recovered should the user lose the private key. This will make every bank adopt MetaMUI Blockchain to build a practical application for their customers and it will allow the customers borrow, lend and store their digital currency and digital assets through the app.

The Yidindji SSID and MetaMUI SSID will soon provide more functions such as storing various digital assets including NFTs, Carbon Credits, Stocks and even gold certificates. These 2 apps will also present a special feature called “Pairwise Trust”. Pairwise Trust is a two-way cryptographic binding system that enables users to login any websites without registering a new ID and password but only with DID. Users can also avoid phishing websites through its Pairwise Trust function because the two-cryptographic binding makes possible not only the users prove themselves to the website but also the website must prove itself to the users through the system.

More innovations will come through the year of 2022 and our journey has just begun. We are glad that we could deliver this wonderful news to our audience at the very first month of this year and we will keep building and developing our technology to make a better world.

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Sovereign Yidinji SSID Launch Video:

About MetaMUI

MetaMUI is the world’s 1st Identity-based blockchain to truly enable regulated Peer_to_Peer (P2P) transactions. It can be used as the cornerstone for most financial offerings, with its high versatility and support for custom-developed use cases that enable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) implementation and issuance easily on the MetaMUI CBDC platform.
MetaMUI is built around Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) technology. By combining the SSID and blockchain token mechanism, MetaMUI was able to create a new identity-based CBDC system that can protect user’s privacy while providing an identity-based transfer system that can satisfy travel rules and other regulatory requirements such as Know your customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism(CFT).





We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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