MetaMUI Pre-IEO sale Announcement

Dear MetaMUI Community,

Our team has been actively developing MUI MetaBlockchain and all the other products in the MetaMUI ecosystem for multiple years now, and we officially released the mainnet of MUI MetaBlockchain on January 3rd — on the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin’s creation.

Today, we are glad to announce the upcoming Pre-IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) for MetaMUI.

With the mainnet released, we are now ready to take our next steps in revolutionizing the global financial markets.

The Pre-IEO sale will take place on Metablock Exchange, and you will need to register your decentralized identity using MUI Metawallet to participate.

The legal details and other sale specifics will be available soon on the Metablock Exchange page.

Purpose of the Pre-IEO sale

The raised funds will be used for establishing the project roadmap and features described in our whitepaper found here:

We are in a strong position to establish ourselves as a leading enterprise blockchain, and our whitepaper showcases a clear vision for establishing that goal. Our team has been actively working on this, and we are ready to utilize the full potential of our technology to impact the global markets.

What is MetaMUI

The value of MetaMUI coin (digital sovereign currency) is controlled and maintained algorithmically by a special AI-based algorithmic engine called ACB (Algorithmic central bank). The MetaMUI coin is designed and developed to maintain and increase value over long periods of time.

For publishing a digital currency, the central bank node of the target currency is required to deposit assets to MUI central bank node. And these assets are collected and maintained by the MUI treasury. We refer to this as project funds. The project funds are used to buy MetaMUI coins from the market and increase its demand. Once the demand is high, the MUI ACB sells the coins at a higher value in the market and increase the circulation. The circulation is capped at 1 billion coins to prevent cases of hyperinflation.


  • MUI MetaBlockchain mainnet release
  • MetaMUI Block Explorer release
  • MUI MetaWallet release


  • Pre-Initial Exchange Offering
  • Listing to high-ranked global exchanges in the first half of 2021
  • Multi-ledger generation feature
  • Full implementation of Bank Nodes
  • Business partnerships with financial institutions
  • CBDC pilot program with key partners
  • Completion of MUI MetaBlockchain mainnet features

MetaMUI Pre-IEO sale details

  • 1st Round: 14,000,000 MetaMUI — $0.075 price
  • 2nd Round: 10,000,000 MetaMUI — price and date TBD
  • Final Round: TBA

Acquisition: 100% unlocked on the list

Min. contribution: $100

Max. contribution: unbounded

  • ETH, BTC, USDT Only. Only Metablock Exchange addresses will be accepted.

Please note that citizens of China and the United States are not allowed to participate in this Pre-IEO sale. MetaMUI is a utility coin which powers the entire MetaMUI ecosystem — which includes our products MUI MetaBlockchain, MUI MetaWallet, Metablock Exchange, and other upcoming products.

Note: To participate in the Pre-IEO sale, make sure to register on Metablock Exchange and participate in the whitelist by verifying your identity (KYC) before the sale begins!

Thank you for being a part of the MetaMUI Community!

Sovereign Wallet team

— — — —

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We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI