MetaMUI Pre-IEO sale Announcement

Dear MetaMUI Community,

2021 is shaping to be a monumental year for MUI MetaBlockchain.

Purpose of the Pre-IEO sale

The purpose of the sale is to increase our development efforts even further, and create an ideal blockchain-based platform for central bank digital currency and digital stock market creation. We are closely involved in discussions with many leading financial institutions and governments, and there is strong interest in the solutions we offer.

What is MetaMUI

MetaMUI is a native coin of MUI MetaBlockchain and serves as fuel for its ecosystem. To store and transfer MetaMUI, we’ve introduced the new MUI MetaWallet application — which is a Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet designed as a close part of MUI MetaBlockchain.


Ready in January:

  • MetaMUI Block Explorer release
  • MUI MetaWallet release
  • Listing to high-ranked global exchanges in the first half of 2021
  • Multi-ledger generation feature
  • Full implementation of Bank Nodes
  • Business partnerships with financial institutions
  • CBDC pilot program with key partners
  • Completion of MUI MetaBlockchain mainnet features

MetaMUI Pre-IEO sale details

The sale will be divided into 3 separate rounds, taking place starting from February until April. The first sale round will take place on February 23rd, 2021.

  • 2nd Round: 10,000,000 MetaMUI — price and date TBD
  • Final Round: TBA

We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC & Digital Asset Wallet, Metablock Exchange, and Identity-Based next-gen blockchain: MetaMUI