MetaMUI Pre-IEO Sale — Introducing Reservation feature

Our team at SWN Global has always taken pride in actively listening to our active community of users for their feedback, issues and suggestions. As the first round of MetaMUI Pre-IEO Sale was closed out in just 35 minutes, many users were unable to enter due rapid nature of the sale.

As due to the high demand some users couldn’t access the First Round of sale, we’ve decided to enable a Reservation feature for the Second Round of the sale. This allows users to deposit their BTC/USDT/ETH ahead of time, and thus guarantee their participation in the MetaMUI Pre-IEO sale. Reserved funds would stay locked until the day of the sale (25th of March). Once the sale starts, you will then receive an amount of MetaMUI which is based on the market price of the reserved currencies at time of the sale.

The Reservation feature will be enabled on Monday, 15th of March at 7am Estonian time (2PM Korean time). Reservations will be possible until Wednesday, 24th of March at the latest.

To learn more details about the Second Round of MetaMUI Pre-IEO sale, please check out our recent Medium announcement on the following link:

SWN Global team

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