🚀 MUI Conversion to MetaMUI now available! (+Sovereign Wallet 1.17.0 Update)

Convert your MUI tokens into our mainnet coin — MetaMUI.

Dear Sovereign Wallet users,

We are glad to announce that we have now released version 1.17.0 of Sovereign Wallet on the Apple Store and Google Play. This is a major release for us, as it’s the first version of Sovereign Wallet with support for MetaMUI conversion.

After updating your app, you are now able to convert your MUI tokens into MetaMUI coins.

MetaMUI is the MUI MetaBlockchain mainnet coin. It is managed using the MUI MetaWallet app, which is also available for both Apple Store and Google Play.

We’ve been actively working on MUI MetaBlockchain for several years, and we launched our mainnet on January 3rd. It marks a new era of digital currency, where identity and security are the focus point.

We currently have active interest from exchanges, government agencies, and financial institutions to develop further usage of MetaMUI and MUI MetaBlockchain. More announcements on this will be made in the upcoming months and weeks.

We have now finalized the token migration steps. To convert your MUI into MetaMUI, follow these instructions:

Note! For complete instructions, please see the full guide here: https://sovereignwallet.substack.com/p/metamui-migration-step-by-stepguide

Note: For Metablock Exchange users — please note that your MUI balance has been transferred to Metablock Web Wallet. This allows you to smoothly migrate your tokens over, using the instructions provided above. (Once you have created your DID, all of your MUI can be converted and sent to MUI MetaWallet)

To learn more about MetaMUI coin utility and what MUI MetaBlockchain is, check out our whitepaper for updated information: https://sovereignwallet-network.github.io/whitepaper/

If you have any questions about the token migration, please reach out to us atsupport@sovereignwallet.network, or say hi to us on Telegram.

Our team will be announcing our 2021 roadmap soon, and we’re very excited about our latest developments and plans with you. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to a highly active year up ahead for the MUI Community.

We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC & Digital Asset Wallet, Metablock Exchange, and Identity-Based next-gen blockchain: MetaMUI