MUI Metablockchain Mainnet release announcement

Dear Metablock Exchange users,

The first tests of MUI Metablockchain on the Testnet have been successful. We’re glad to announce that the MetaBlockchain Mainnet will be launched on January 3, 2021.
After its launch, you can convert your MUI tokens to our new Mainnet Meta-MUI tokens.

[temporary suspension of MUI trade/deposit support schedule]

  • 2020–12–30 12:00:AM in Estonia (GMT +2). If stability is confirmed after our infrastructure upgrade, it will be announced separately through this notice.
  • MUI tokens on the exchange must be safely transferred to Metablock Web Wallet or Sovereign Wallet. When trading resumes, MUI tokens issued as ERC-20 will not be traded anymore on the exchange. Even when listing on other exchanges, only newly issued Meta-MUI coins can be traded.
  • When depositing ERC-20 MUI after the time of the stoppage of deposit support, the deposit will not be reflected in the account, and permanent loss may occur to the asset.
  • The Meta-MUI wallet support schedule will be taken some time (about 4 weeks to 8 weeks) and subject to change due to the project team’s plans and development conditions.
  • Please note: You will be able to convert your Meta-MUI tokens for 1 year (until January 3rd, 2022). Make sure to convert your tokens before this deadline.
  • More detailed steps will be provided later on through our webpage and social media.
  • If there are any additions or changes, we will update you further in this notice.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation as a measure to support safe deposit and trading.
SWN Global team.



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