MUI Metablockchain Mainnet release announcement

  • 2020–12–30 12:00:AM in Estonia (GMT +2). If stability is confirmed after our infrastructure upgrade, it will be announced separately through this notice.
  • MUI tokens on the exchange must be safely transferred to Metablock Web Wallet or Sovereign Wallet. When trading resumes, MUI tokens issued as ERC-20 will not be traded anymore on the exchange. Even when listing on other exchanges, only newly issued Meta-MUI coins can be traded.
  • When depositing ERC-20 MUI after the time of the stoppage of deposit support, the deposit will not be reflected in the account, and permanent loss may occur to the asset.
  • The Meta-MUI wallet support schedule will be taken some time (about 4 weeks to 8 weeks) and subject to change due to the project team’s plans and development conditions.
  • Please note: You will be able to convert your Meta-MUI tokens for 1 year (until January 3rd, 2022). Make sure to convert your tokens before this deadline.
  • More detailed steps will be provided later on through our webpage and social media.
  • If there are any additions or changes, we will update you further in this notice.



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