To setup a Verifiable Credential (VC) using Distributed Identity (DID), requires you to have access to following 2:-

  1. MetaWallet Mobile Application
  2. Metablock Web Site

Following lists out the simple steps one needs to perform to setup VC.

Step 1: MetaWallet — Select Language & Registration type

Step 2: MetaWallet — Create DID Password

Clicking Confirm will take you to Mnemonics page. Save your system generated mnemonics then press Next.

Mnemonics will be required to recover access to the DID if you forget password. Please ensure you save the mnemonics in a safe place before proceeding.

Step 3: MetaWallet — Create DID

Step 4: Metablock — Submit DID

Click on Submit DID button next to MetaWallet label.

You can only Submit DID when your Metablock account’s KYC status is Accepted.

Step 5: Metablock — Confirm DID Submission

Step 6: Metablock — Download VC

Now, you can find the Download VC button next to MetaWallet label. Click on Download VC.

Step 7: Metablock — Download VC

This will generate a unique QR Code for you on the web page.

Step 8: MetaWallet — Scan QR Code

Step 9: MetaWallet — Verify Personal Information

Step 10: MetaWallet — Successfully Stored

Step 11: MetaWallet — Sign In

To Restore your Account:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Other Features:

To Enable/Disable Biometrics for unlock:

To Change Password:

To Change Language:

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