New Record! metaMUI Pre-IEO Second Round Completed within 4 Minutes!

We’re thrilled to announce that the second round of the metaMUI Pre-IEO sale has been successfully completed. A total of 10,000,000 (10 Million) metaMUI coins were sold within 4 minutes, thereby breaking the record of the first round which was completed within 34 minutes.

The second Pre-IEO round went live exactly at 7:00 am Estonian time (GMT +2), where 10 million metaMUI mainnet coins were available at $0.12 per coin. After the sale was completed, the project effectively has had two successful Pre-IEO rounds, with that, we look enthusiastically to the 3rd and final Pre-IEO round. It is quite evident that the Reservation Feature helped achieve this feat, which enabled interested members of the community to deposit BTC/USDT/ETH ahead of time, which guaranteed their participation in the metaMUI sale.

The complete sale of the second round of the Pre-IEO will further enable SWN Global to increase development efforts in building the World’s first finance-specific hybrid blockchain, based on self-sovereign identity.

We are currently in talks with several global crypto exchanges in listing our mainnet coins — metaMUI. In the nearest future, the metaMUI will be available on several exchanges for trade activities, with the most popular pairs. More updates will be coming soon on this, stay tuned to our various social media channels for more information.

Next Steps: We’ll be announcing the details of the final round of the Pre-IEO sale very soon. In the meantime, keep supporting our project, as we work towards creating the internet of digital currencies.

SWN Global team

— — — —

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