Our CEO Phantom Seokgu Yun says about NFTs

We are currently witnessing various products becoming NFTs in various fields. Everyone in crypto space says that NFTs will be “Something” in the future digital, especially in the era of Metaverse.
Our CEO, Phantom Seokku Yun, agrees on this, but there are a few things that need to be defined before achieving this dream. Let’s listen to Phantom, our CEO, what conditions are needed for a proper NFT to be created.

Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-tech-is-holding-nfts-back-because-of-these-three-design-flaws

About MetaMUI Blockchain

Phantom Seokgu Yun is the CEO of the Soverign Wallet Network and currently leads the MetaMUI project. MetaMUI Blockchain is a fourth-generation blockchain and the world’s first identity-based blockchain.
MetaMUI is a blockchain with significant strengths in CBDC, Cross-border payment, Asset Tokenization, and NFTs. MetaMUI is the only identity-based blockchain, so it is legally possible to transfer ownership of assets and NFTs at the time of transaction. In the future, MetaMUI can solve a variety of problems, such as proof of ownership issues in real world and Metaverse, and it can also handle millions and billions of transactions in a few seconds with unlimited scalability.

We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC & Digital Asset Wallet, Metablock Exchange, and Identity-Based next-gen blockchain: MetaMUI