Our CEO Seokgu Yun became a CBDC expert at the Digital Euro Association!

Dear MetaMUI family,

We are so glad to announce that our CEO Seokgu (Phantom) Yun has joined the Digital Euro Association as a CBDC expert.

Seokgu (Phantom) Yun is a pioneer of digital currency and distributed systems since 1992, he is the CEO and Chief Scientist of SWN Global, he has over 25 years of experience in cryptography, algorithms and security architectures. Phantom has provided security solutions to DAVOS and G20 Summits, LG, Samsung, and Yahoo, among other multinational corporations. Following his professional achievements and academic research at Korea Advanced Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California, Phantom founded Sovereign Wallet Network (SWN).

He currently leads the MetaMUI CBDC & NFTs Platform, the 1st Identity Based-blockchain, and is building the Internet of Sovereign Digital Currencies.

Hopefully, he will contribute to increasing awareness of exploring alternative Blockchain technology as a solution to CBDC implementation issues, hence will add significant value to the DEA efforts towards a Digital Euro successful implementation.

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