Pre-IEO: How to buy MetaMUI (in 6 Simple Steps)

Step 1:

After logging in to, navigate to PRE-IEO page by clicking on PRE-IEO present in the header.

Step 2:

Click on Buy MetaMUI.

Step 3:

This section will show the update of PRE-IEO Sales.

You can choose cryptos available in the list by clicking on the crypto list.

Choose the crypto as per your choice for buying Meta MUI.

Step 4:

Enter the Amount and you can see how much Meta MUI you will get after it.

Step 5:

Make sure to read and agree to the disclaimer.

Step 6:

Click on Buy Now.

After that a pop up will appear with a message as per the below screenshot. Click on Confirm to close.

You will also get a confirmation message on your registered Mobile Number like this.

Your METAMUI will be credited to Exchange Balance, and you can check at

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