The Partnership between Digital Economy Incubation Center and Sovereign Wallet Network

SovereignWallet Network (SWN) is pleased to announce a partnership with Digital Economy Incubation Center, a corporation with IT PARK Uzbekistan. The DEIC is a corporation with IT PARK Uzbekistan that aims at fostering an all-round development in innovative and scientific development, with the goal of improving the intellectual and technological potential of Uzbekistan.

The Sovereign Wallet Network (SWN), developer of the world’s first identity-based enterprise blockchain — MUI MetaBlockchain, joined hands with Digital Economy Incubation Center (DEIC) on March 23rd, 2021. SWN aims to aid DEIC in its endeavour to accelerate innovation-driven growth across all Uzbekistan’s economic and social sectors. The SWN-DEIC partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology mentoring and consulting, product ideation, technology development and deployment, and organizational change management strategy to help Uzbekistan through successful technological transformations across fields.

SWN and UMSF will work together to implement blockchain-based e-government related projects in Uzbekistan, such as blockchain-based digital identity certificate, legally effective digital asset issuance, a digital certificate issued by e-government, digital notarization system, etc.

SWN and DEIC will work together on the research and development of CBDC (central bank digital currency) and Asset Tokenization on top of the MUI MetaBlockchain Network which will be beneficial for the Uzbekistan Government.

As a result of this partnership, there is a belief that there is a huge opportunity for MUI MetaBlockchain networks to be utilized and scaled successfully when SWN and DEIC connect the new innovative technologies in the Republic of Uzbekistan to MUI MetaBlockchain. In particular, SWN will support and curate growth-stage projects with the best high-growth innovators worldwide to utilize the MUI MetaBlockchain. The Sovereign Wallet Co., Ltd (SWN) also will provide education and mentoring to DEIC’s projects. Blockchain is an important technology for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Blockchain technologies provide efficiency, security, traceability to financial system-related activities and fundraising for projects.

Prior to this, SWN also entered into a technical and mentoring partnership with the Young Entrepreneurs Generator (YEG) under the Uzbekistan Government Innovation Center in February. YEG has over 500 corporate projects and has established a partnership with SWN to build to expand successful blockchain projects and business networks.

About Sovereign Wallet

Founded in 2015, Sovereign Wallet is a company with a globally spread, multicultural team that is committed to revolutionizing the financial space by providing a highly secure, highly efficient 4th gen blockchain platform to global citizens. We empower self-sovereign finance.

Our Products: Digital Asset Wallet, Metablock Exchange, and Identity-Based next-gen blockchain: MUI MetaBlockchain.

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