The World First SSID(Self-Sovereign Identity) App “MetaMUI SSID” just released

The World First SSID App “MetaMUI SSID”

Link to download the App:
MetaMUI SSID — App on Google Play
MetaMUI SSID — App on Apple App Store

After one year of extensive work of a dedicated team at Sovereign Wallet Network, we are delighted to announce the official launch of the world’s first app to allow building a National Identification System, and Digitize all Government Services ‘E-Government’.

Please enjoy the most secure authentication and authorization mechanism without sacrificing users’ private information. MetaMUI SSID App is the ultimate store of your valuable digital assets. Your asset is bound to your identity and you never have to worry about the loss anymore.

MetaMUI SSID is an identity application that allows building a fully-functioning national identification system and enables the digitalization of every government service ‘E-Government’ on the MetaMUI Identity Blockchain.

MetaMUI is a hybrid blockchain of identity-based token blockchain. The identity part of the MetaMUI is an implementation of Self-Sovereign Identity. Through this App, users can manage their private information in the form of Verifiable Credentials. These VCs are issued by the public identity such as the Governments, Banks, Hospitals, Universities Web Sites, Shopping Malls, etc. Government issues VC (Signed Document) related to the nationality of the user. The issued VCs are stored in the MetaMUI SSID and managed by the user through the App. The user can present VC to prove the identity of the user.

MetaMUI SSID App is a wallet for various digital assets, such as digital fiat currency, digital arts, digital stocks, gold certificates, real estate certificates, etc. Ownership of the assets is bound to the identity of the user, not to the private key, therefore it can be recovered in case the user lost the private key. User authorizes the transfer of the asset to another user by signing the authorization certificate on the blockchain. This authorization of critical actions is provided by the MetaMUI SSID App through two-way cryptographic binding.

With MetaMUI SSID App, users can connect to other public entities through Pairwise Trust authentication. Commercial sites that have a public identity on MetaMUI Identity Blockchain can offer Pairwise Trust login to their customers. The user no longer has to register the website and create an ID and password. User can simply connect their SSID to the website through Pairwise Trust connection and login instantly. User does not need to provide sensitive private information to every web sites anymore. MetaMUI SSID App provides seamless login capability without sacrificing private information.

For more information, please visit our SNS channels below.

Telegram: (Official Channel)




We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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We empower self-sovereign finance. Products: CBDC, MetaMUI SSID, Digital Asset Exchange and Identity-Based Next-Gen blockchain: MetaMUI

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